Rrd RRD TwinTip LTD V7 FreeStyle 101 lt
Rrd - RRD TwinTip LTD V7 FreeStyle 101 lt

Rrd RRD TwinTip LTD V7 FreeStyle 101 lt
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Our freestyle board line continues its path, every year we add new details to improve it and make it more competitive. The TwinTip V7 allows the riders to go beyond their level and perform at the highest level. Compared to the previous v6, we have further shortened the board by 4cm. The new TwinTip LTD V7 is only 219 cm long to make it easier to be swung around during air moves. The rocker line is straight in the tail area, making the board quicker to plane. We have narrowed the width of the tail to make it faster and improve the pop. The result is a much more reactive and alive shape for better snaps and speed needed to fly higher in airmoves. The position of the front straps have been moved further inside to improve the centrality. It comes with the new Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck which makes it stronger and more resistant to impacts. The new freestyle board is equipped with new fin sizes, the MFC GE G10 in 20 and 21cm, which guarantees to have the speed and performance needed. The TWINTIP V7 is a pure performance board range to support serious freestyle riders!


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